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Here Are Each Of The Zodiac Signs As Represented By Iconic Disney Characters

I know you're dying to know which character is a Scorpio!

1. Aries: Stitch from Lilo & Stitch.

Stitch the alien dressed in a sparkly suit as he holds a small guitar

2. Taurus: Charlotte from The Princess and the Frog.

Charlotte wears a brightly colored gown with a matching fan

3. Gemini: Olaf from Frozen.

A close up of Olaf the Snowman as he smiles

4. Cancer: Tinkerbell from Peter Pan.

A close up of Tinkerbell the fairy as she has her head turned to the side

5. Leo: The Evil Queen from Snow White.

A close up of the evil queen as she holds a small box in her hands

6. Virgo: Robin Hood from Robin Hood.

Robin Hood leans against a tree as an arrow is stuck through this hat

7. Libra: Jane from Tarzan.

A close up of Jane as she wears a brightly colored gown and a safari hat

8. Scorpio: Captain Hook from Peter Pan.

A close up of Captain Hook as he adjusts his large hat with his hook hand

9. Sagittarius: Peter Pan from Peter Pan.

Peter Pan flies through the air with his arms outstretched

10. Capricorn: Maleficient from Sleeping Beauty.

Maleficient stands with her crow perched on her staff

11. Aquarius: Arthur from The Sword in the Stone.

Arthur stands with one hand on the sword in cased in the stone

12. And finally, Pisces: Alice from Alice in Wonderland.

A close up of Alice as she lays in a field of daisies with one hand under her head