10 Ways To Choose Glee

Glee star Jenna Ushkowitz, a.k.a. “Tina,” inspires fans to invoke positive thinking into everything they do in this inspirational scrapbook. You can Choose Glee here: http://smarturl.it/GleeBuzzfeed

1. Be Yourself!

“{Tina} finally found herself when she found glee club. It was filled with people who were different and embraced there individuality.” So go find yourself a Glee Club and stay true to you!

2. Know What You Want

And go get it!

3. “Fear” Is Not The F Word

“Getting out of your comfort zone, as scary as that may be, is the first step toward accomplishing your goals.”

4. Ready, Set…Screw Up

Give yourself some credit, everyone makes mistakes!

5. Expect The Unexpected

“Failure hurts. I won’t kid you… rejection is a b*tch. No Matter what trails and tribulations you face, you gotta keep truckin’”

6. Get Off Your Butt.

“You can look at any situation and see both the good and the bad in it. Basically, you create your own reality!”

7. Never Say Never

You know, like the Beibs says…

8. Do Your Very Best

“If you want to expect the best out of life, you first need to expect the best out of yourself.”

9. Jump in!

“If you’re going to join the dance circle, than you must dance!”

10. Take A Bow.

Choose Glee!

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