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    10 Lovable Things About Brick-And-Mortar Bookstores

    Ordering online or downloading through your e-reader may be convenient, but nothing compares to the magic of a real bookstore.

    1. The sense of community

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    Yeah, you can shop online, but online retailers aren't a crucial part of your local community and probably don't remember that the last time you were in you bought like, five paranormal romance novels. (No judgment.)

    2. Staff picks!

    How else would you find out what John S. was reading this week? He loves magical realism too!

    3. Author events

    Get your fangirl (or fanboy) on!

    4. The cafe

    That crisp bookstore air DEFINITELY affects how the espresso comes out. Just sayin'.

    5. The luxury of browsing

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    Nothing better than holding a book in your hands, flipping through it, and getting a whiff of that amazing book smell.

    6. Discoverability

    It's possible that you haven't even heard of your next favorite book.

    7. Helpful staff

    "I'm looking for something that's a little Fay Weldon or P.G. Wodehouse, but maybe with some steampunk influences. You have something in mind? Oh, really?" (These people are amazing.)

    8. The nerdy stuff that ISN'T books

    Where else can you find witty and urbane literary greeting cards? Book cover tee shirts? Tote bags galore?

    9. They are the best places to spend time

    You can leisurely browse to your heart's content, find your next literary love, and never have to worry about getting hurried out.

    10. That bookstore vibe

    Bookstores are the perfect mix of highbrow and entertaining, elegant and geeky, thrilling and comforting. I defy you to find a better retail experience.