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    We Tried $2 And $169 Hot Dogs To See If The Price Was Worth It

    NSFW if you're hungry.

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    So, we've been on a journey testing cheap vs. expensive food to see if the price is actually worth it. This week? We're doing hot-diggity-dogs. How expensive could a hot dog REALLY be? Well, you'd be surprised:

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    To start, the guys went to Vicious Dogs in North Hollywood. Here, they would be tasting their first hot dog at the lowest price point.

    At Vicious Dogs they were all about tradition and the owner recommended they do a kosher dog with fries and a coke as their meal. The hot dog alone was only two dollars and looked pretty damn good, tbh.

    Before they left Viscous Dogs, they got the owner's specialty hot dog as well.

    And the verdict? That hot dog was DAMN good. It was sweet and smokey and everything you could want in a reasonably priced hot dog.

    Next up, the guys headed to Wurstküche, a German-inspired hot dog and beer spot in downtown LA.

    The guys started their meal with a beer and lamb dog with mediterranean spices.

    Next up, the guys got a bit more adventurous and tried the "rattlesnake and rabbit" hot dog.

    At first the taste was hard to get used to, but after a couple bites they were getting more and more into it.

    After eating some dang good hot dogs in LA... Steven wanted to take Andrew to the ~luxury~ level of hot dogs... which of course meant a surprise trip.

    And Andrew was... less than enthused about the last-minute trip.

    The final spot the guys went to (and the most expensive) was actually from a FOOD TRUCK. That's right people, the most luxurious dog came out of a box on wheels.

    Now this was no ordinary hot dog. This hot dog was priced at $169 dollars and was truly a damn delicacy – it even had caviar and truffle shavings as toppings.

    The best part? It's a fundraising hot dog, so the proceeds go to The Red Cross.

    Here it is in all its glory:

    The verdict? This was one life-changing hot dog.

    At the end of the day, Andrew chose the middle-priced hot dog as the most worth it...

    ...And Steven? Well he was into that hot dog lux life. Either way, these two were very full and very satisfied.