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    The Ultimate Christmas Gift List With 82 Items For Every Type Of Person In Your Life

    I guarantee you'll be ticking at least one person off your shopping list. You're welcome.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. This artisan stand mixer by KitchenAid, from the Matte Black range, that'll earn you the title of "best gift giver" for years and years to come.

    2. This essential oil diffuser that will relax tensions when someone forgets to run the dishwasher yet again.

    3. This set of four whiskey glasses, for the person who loves the odd tipple.

    4. This insanely gorgeous sparkling water maker, that's perfect to swipe up in time for summer.

    5. This heavenly aromatherapy herbal heat pack, which is made in Australia with wheat and lavender.

    6. This hilarious book that's perfect for expecting parents, their families and everyone who feels obliged to buy them a gift.

    7. These chocolate star bonbons, which are a perfect last-minute gift because Koko Black do same-day delivery!

    8. This reusable cup made from actual coffee husks — perfect for those who can never have too much coffee.

    9. This bottle of fine Japanese Gin for the liquor connoisseur.

    10. This flourishing wattle parfum and room mist, that's proudly made in Australia and is the perfect scent for anyone who craves that unmistakable smell of home.

    11. This beginners' drone which will allow them to travel outdoors...without ever leaving home.

    12. This Bluetooth sleeping eye mask, so they can fall asleep to blissful meditations while blocking out light.

    13. This soy candle that will make their home smell absolutely heavenly.

    14. This jar of luxe truffle sea salt to really up the anti on the humble spud.

    15. This microwavable popcorn maker that will have them bidding farewell to packet popcorn forever.

    16. This best-selling tarot deck for the person who loves a dabble into the spiritual world.

    17. This oil spray that will restore the magnesium levels in tired bodies.

    18. This pizza cutter that will make frozen pizzas so much easier to prepare — and faster preparation equals faster consumption.

    19. This Himalayan salt lamp that will bathe their space in a warm, cosy light.

    20. This deep tissue foam roller to get into the nitty-gritty of overworked muscles.

    21. These cute novelty socks for everyday happy feet.

    22. This giant pregnancy pillow that's a comfy cuddle for the expecting mumma.

    23. This George Foreman indoor/outdoor BBQ, which is perfect for cooking up a storm by your campsite!

    24. This very luxurious cocktail shaker set that will take hosting to the next level.

    25. This triple-scented Glasshouse candle inspired by the Amalfi Coast that's the closest we'll be getting to a summer holiday in Europe right now.

    26. This entertaining (and beneficial) meditation book that has a healthy mix of puns, dad-jokes and dirty words to make meditating all the more enjoyable.

    27. This non-alcoholic Lyres gin, so no one has to miss out on a festive tipple this holiday season.

    28. This laptop stand that makes movie marathons and working from the couch or bed much less of a strain.

    29. This set of string lights in the shape of pegs, so they can hang up all their favourite memories and enjoy the cosiness of a fairy light set.

    30. This cold brew maker that they can keep in the fridge, so that they can enjoy a cold cup of zoom zoom bean juice whenever they want.

    31. This fleece throw that's incredibly soft to the touch and has absolutely adorable pompom tassels.

    32. This yoga mat, so that they can stretch it out before bedtime and get their limbs nice and loose.

    33. This back and neck massager, which is a perfect gift for anyone who's in desperate need for a massage, but hates the idea of other people touching them.

    34. This gratitude journal that they can use each morning to gather their thoughts, prioritise their goals and track their progress.

    35. This waterproof Bluetooth speaker that will become their new travel essential.

    36. This coffee cocktail book, for those that wing it a little too much by mixing up a bunch of liquids and calling it a cocktail, despite it tasting horrendous.

    37. This bamboo bathtub tray that will make their — and your — tub times that much more soothing.

    38. This DIY hot sauce kit for the homemade heroes.

    39. This chic set of chef-quality knifes to up their kitchen game.

    40. This desk calendar for the person who's already rattling off their New Year's goals.

    41. This bath pillow that — in good news for you – they surely won't bother moving after attaching to the tub.

    42. This four-person picnic basket for the next foodie adventure.

    43. This incredible female form candle that is oh-so-chic and guaranteed to please.

    44. These socks from Joode for a practical, pretty and fail-proof gift.

    45. This snazzy little cheese board for the diehard entertainer.

    46. This extra-large picnic blanket that's got sand-proof material on the front and waterproof on the back.

    47. This inflatable Feath-R-Lite stand-up paddleboard that may just become their new hobby for the new year.

    48. This superfood maca powder, which will help them conquer the hardest of days.

    49. This inflatable couch, which will have them sighing "ah the serenity" while sinking back under the stars in full comfort.

    50. This sand repelling towel because shaking sand off a heavy wet towel is near impossible and practically a workout, which is not what we want on a beach holiday.

    51. This wood-look alarm clock that simulates sunrise and birds so they'll no doubt wake up nice and chirpy.

    52. This Ultra Violette "SkinScreen" that's just about the best damn SPF you could gift your friends this summer.

    53. This scrapbook photo journal, for the world traveller who captures every moment.

    54. These dual brush pens, so that they can colour their way through goals and create an aesthetic planner.

    55. This Jade Face Roller and Massager, so they can roll their way out bed and reduce puffiness along the way.

    56. This copy of the new, mouth-watering cookbook FLAVOUR, for the veggie-loving friend.

    57. This mortar and pestle for taking home chilli blends to the next level.

    58. This heated USB coaster, which means they can make their coffee, do yoga and read a book all while keeping the cup of joe nice and toasty.

    59. This refreshing aromatherapy essential oil, which will help wake up the whole body upon inhaling.

    60. And this aromatherapy oil diffuser, which will distribute said refreshing scents to the far reaches of rooms.

    61. This Ole Henriksen c-ing stars gift set, for the beauty addict who swears by vitamin C.

    62. This Sriracha mini refillable keyring, for those who just can't eat anything without a dash of fire.

    63. These LED strip lights, so that they can finally turn their room into a TikTok filming haven.

    64. This self-charging robotic vacuum, so that they never have to worry about the worst chore invented, ever again.

    65. This curling iron wand for the lover of frizz-free, natural beachy waves.

    66. This silk pillowcase that kills 99.97% of acne-causing bacteria — which is pretty damn important when you realise that the average pillowcase has 1000 times more germs than a toilet seat.

    67. This rope quoits set for some family fun that everyone can get around.

    68. This three-in-one soil tester, so that there'll be no guessing games involved when you're taking care of your plant babies.

    69. This microfibre hair wrap that will dry their hair without damaging it.

    70. This sleek satin robe, so they can feel like royalty swanning around their home, as though it's a resort.

    71. This foldable, portable body massager, which is perfect for anyone who carries tension in their neck or goes hard at the gym.

    72. This portable charger, so they're never slowed down by the crappy battery on their phone again.

    73. This hot air brush that makes it easy to dry, straighten, curl and style hair in the one go without all the frizz.

    74. This adjustable laptop stand, so that they can get work done from anywhere and live their best digital nomad dreams.

    75. This jewellery organiser that's as good for travel as it is sitting at home.

    76. This LED neon flamingo light, for the friend who loves a sticky dance floor and vacay party vibes.

    77. This gourmet pancake syrup gift pack for the sweet tooth who'll always opt for pancakes with the lot over the big brekky.