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    A Toddler Helped His Brother Escape A Crib And The Footage Is Like "Prison Break" IRL

    No man left behind.

    A 3-year-old named Ollie helped his baby brother Finn break free from his crib, and the security footage looks like something out of Prison Break.

    CAUGHT ON CAMERA! Toddler helps baby escape from crib! (If this isn't brotherly love I don't know what is!)

    If Prison Break was underscored by adorable music, that is.

    Honestly, Ollie's strategy is pretty smart. First, he realizes that Finn can't scale the crib's wall, so he tosses a chair over the edge.

    Then he finds a foothold and hoists himself into the crib. HE'S GOT IT, FINN.

    He then demonstrates the proper evacuation maneuver.

    Before hopping out and encouraging Finn to follow suit.


    "We were watching the footage as they were doing it on our phones," the boys' dad, Bryan Lanning, told BuzzFeed. "Up until he pulled Finn out, and then we rushed to make sure they were okay."

    When asked what his reaction was while watching it all go down, Lanning said: "Our reaction went from being transfixed with their adorableness, to panic, and then to relief. Pretty standard for modern-day parents, I’d say."

    Someone get these kids to an escape room, STAT.