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No One Can Agree On How You Pronounce The Name Of This Candy

Time to get in a fight.

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Well, yesterday, someone posted this very question on Twitter, and so far the results have been pretty divided:

How do you pronounce the name of the peanut butter cup candy with the orange wrapper?

As it turns out, people on both sides of the debate have some strong feelings about it:



if you pronounce reese's as "ree-sees" i just want to understand why you don't understand how apostrophe s shows possession

I'm from Hershey PA, and it's pronounced ree-cees

Ree-Sis. Y'all must not remember the rap commercials

Now, back in May, pop culture site The AV Club actually found a Reese's spokesperson, and asked her to settle the debate once and for all:

You may have been pronouncing Reese’s wrong this whole time


She claims it's REE-SIS, since the candy was invented by a man named H.B. Reese, and you're really just making his name possessive. But wait! Before you say "case closed," look at what Reese's official Twitter account has to say on the matter:

@Chris1152 Just like there's no wrong way to eat a REESE'S, there's no wrong way to say REESE'S!!

(Oh, and P.S. — there's a whole other debate about the pronunciation of Reese's Pieces. But that is a battle for another day.)

  1. How the hell do you pronunce Reese's?

    How the hell do you pronunce Reese's?
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How the hell do you pronunce Reese's?
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