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    This Nerve-Racking Video Of Tony Hawk Teaching His Daughter To Skateboard Is Going Viral

    Can Tony Hawk be my dad too?

    You know Tony Hawk — skateboarder, legend of the '90s, and grade-A tweeter.

    Tony's been teaching his 10-year-old daughter, Kadence Clover, how to skateboard. Specifically, he's been teaching her how to drop in — a simple but slightly terrifying maneuver where you enter a ramp by, well, dropping your board into it. It looks like this:

    So on Sunday, Tony filmed his daughter's attempt at the trick, and posted it to Twitter. The video has gone insanely viral, amassing nearly a million likes in just two days. Please watch:

    My daughter overcoming her fear in real time (wait for it). I might have been more nervous than she was. 👧🏼🛹⬇️

    In the nail-biting clip, we watch as Kadence Clover nervously mounts the board with the help of her dad. She then waits for what feels like an eternity (can ya blame her???) before taking the terrifying plunge...

    And she did it!!!

    The video has people on Twitter very emotional.

    @tonyhawk Tony: Hawks daughter drops in for the first time Me: cries in skate

    It's stressful to watch, but the payoff is just too good.

    @tonyhawk I thought I was gonna have a heart attack.

    For some children of the '90s, it's kinda wild watching the next generation of Hawks learn how to skate. Time flies!

    @tonyhawk what a time to be alive; watching Tony Hawk’s daughter be afraid to skateboard.

    And parents in particular are really ~in their feelings~ right now.

    @tonyhawk @_gnoli Probably the most difficult and crucial thing of parenting: avoiding to transmit our fears and help them overcome their own.

    @tonyhawk @robbystarbuck This legit made me tear up! Nothing like father/daughter love!

    The whole thing is just way too freaking cute.

    This person just about summed it all up:

    @tonyhawk very wholesome stuff. thank you professional american skateboarder tony hawk

    Great job, Kadence Clover!!!