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This Teen Ate A Hot Pepper Every Time Ariana Grande Said "Um" And You Need To Watch It

Welcome to stanning in 2017.

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An Ariana Grande superfan took stanning to a whole new level when he decided to eat a hot pepper every time she said "um" in an award acceptance speech. And y'all, this is a tough watch, but it's a MUST watch:

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"I was honestly just waiting for her to stop talking," Mikey told BuzzFeed of the painful experience. "I realized in that moment how stupid it was that I was actually doing this."

According to Mikey, the worst of it wasn't even captured on video.

Mr. Grande / Via

"After I turned the camera off is when I felt the real pain," Junchaya revealed. "I thought water would help, but I was pacing back and forth in my kitchen, shoving ice in my mouth with tears coming down my eyes for about 20 minutes straight."

When asked what message he's hoping to send to Ariana with this video, Mikey had his answer ready.

Mr. Grande / Via

"If this video doesn't show you how much I love you, I don't know what will," he said. "And I forgive you for destroying my tastebuds!"