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This Extremely Hot Doctor Posted On Facebook Asking For A Roommate And The Internet Lost Its Damn Mind

BRB, flying to New York for a flu shot.

Good news, humanity!!! Somehow, this very hot doctor-slash-model is a real-life person who actually exists:

No, seriously, he is 100% real!!!

His name is Rehan Munir, he's 26 years old, and he's currently in the process of moving from Pakistan to New York for his medical rotations. So he posted in a NYC Facebook group dedicated to finding roommates:

Munir then decided — and this is where our story begins, dear reader — to include two pictures of himself at the bottom of his post:

...and the Facebook group rightfully REJOICED.

The offers were not exactly what Munir expected:

Some people made medical school jokes:

One kind soul tried to help him on the housing front, but quickly got distracted:

The boy is so gorgeous he transcends sexuality:

People really started bonding over this beautiful, beautiful man:

SWIPE RIGHT, indeed.

A few commenters noted that the dude was just looking for housing, and maybe didn't appreciate all the ~unsolicited thirst~. And in an interview with HuffPost, Munir said he found the whole thing surprising, but amusing:

It was pretty overwhelming. I wrote it and the next day I wake up and I see my post has been inundated with messages and it’s reached a number of blogs locally and internationally. I found it hilarious! The internet is really an unpredictable place.

And as for the most important question of all, I'm very sorry to tell you that Munir had this to say about his dating life: “I’m single but trying to focus on my career at the moment."

Rehan, best of luck finding that apartment. And thank you so, so much for your Instagram.

BuzzFeed has reached out to Munir for comment.