People Are Sharing The Tiny Little Things That Make Them Lose Their Minds And OMG It's Real

    "Stepping in water in fresh socks."

    Life is full of little inconveniences. And let's be honest — sometimes it's the tiniest of annoyances that will make us rage the hardest.

    So this week, a viral Reddit thread asked users, "What is the smallest thing that makes you lose your temper immediately?"

    Here are some of the most relatable (and, frankly, anger-inducing) responses:

    1. "Things not staying where I put then. For example if I hang a towel and it just immediately decides to slide off."

    2. "Someone trying to talk to me while I eat at work. Come on, just let me have this 10 minutes to myself."


    3. "Hitting back-to-back red lights."


    4. "Cigarettes and other trash being thrown out of a car window."

    5. "Grocery store etiquette. GTFO of the middle of the aisle! This can't be your first time shopping!"


    6. "Websites loading slowly."


    7. "Fucking flies. I'm generally pretty chill, but as soon as a fly buzzes by my head I lose my shit."

    8. "When a car pulls out right in front of me and then goes 20 MPH under the speed limit anyway. Why?! Just wait then."


    9. "Bumping my head on something when I stand up. It takes me by surprise and pisses me off."


    10. "When I bite into a delicious sandwich and all the insides fall out of the other end. I call this 'Sandwich Rage.'"

    11. "This morning, I got a bag of popcorn out of the vending machine at work. Opened it too fast and shot popcorn all over the floor. For a good seven seconds, I thought about just going home and quitting my job from bed."


    12. "If someone shushes me or puts their hand in my face. I go from zero to 100 in no time."


    13. "People using their brightest screens on their phones to check texts and social media during movies in a theater."

    14. "When someone chews loudly beside me, especially if they chew with their mouth open."


    15. "When an adult throws a tantrum to get what they want and succeeds. For example, when someone tries to return something without a receipt and the manager says they can't accept their return, so the person starts making a scene and the manager gives in."


    16. "Unflushed toilet."

    17. "People taking up the sidewalk and walking too slow. Immediate rage."


    18. "Catching my earbud cord on a doorknob and having it ripped from my ear."

    19. "People who try to get on an elevator before anyone else has a chance to step off."


    20. "Someone telling me to go do something that I was going to do anyway. If you tell me to go do the dishes as I'm walking to go do them, I no longer want to do the dishes. I have no idea why this makes me as enraged as it does."


    21. "A constant tapping noise — like the tapping of a desk or someone's foot."

    22. "People who use speakerphone in public."


    23. "When a roommate takes something of yours unannounced, like a beer from your six-pack, or a big scoop out of your peanut butter jar."


    24. "Motherfuckers turning without putting on THE GODDAMN TURN SIGNALS."

    25. "Stepping in water in fresh socks."


    26. "Telling me the endings of stories or movies I haven't read or seen."


    27. "When people spell 'lose' as 'loose'. Seething rage ensues."

    28. "People not walking on the right side in the hallway. Car traffic, people traffic...same rules apply."


    29. "Someone telling me how to do something I already know how to do."


    30. "People who leave the microwave with one second left on the timer."

    31. "Pedestrians looking at their cellphones and walking in the middle of the lane in a parking lot."


    32. "When people give me advice I didn't ask for."


    And finally...

    33. "Asking someone to shut my door but they leave it slightly cracked."

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.