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    Mar 11, 2018

    21 Things That Will Make Anyone Who Did Drama In High School Say "YUP"

    It was a lot of ~drama~.

    1. Making a list of your ~dream roles~, and sharing it with your friends.


    Fantine was at the top of most lists.

    2. Being nervous and shakey before you went into any audition.


    The singing part was the scariest.

    3. Being at least a little bit jealous of those same two or three students who got the lead roles EVERY TIME.


    There were always rumors that your drama teacher had ~precast~ them before auditions even started. Gasp!

    4. The anxiety of checking to see if a cast list had been posted yet.


    *hits refresh every five minutes*

    5. That one trip you took to New York City, where you saw as many Broadway shows as you possibly could.

    Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

    You probably ate at restaurant in Times Square and felt like SUCH a local.

    6. Knowing at least ONE person who owned this T-shirt.

    layin_egg / Via eBay

    Bonus points if that someone was you.

    7. Being glued to the TV for every Tony Awards — especially during the performances.

    Theo Wargo / Getty Images

    It was every theater kid's Christmas.

    8. Listening to the Rent or Spring Awakening soundtracks and thinking you were ~so~ grown up.

    "I'm 15!!! I'm basically an adult!!!"

    9. Collecting playbills from every professional show you saw — Broadway or national tour.

    I still have my collection somewhere.

    10. The sheer stress of TECH WEEK, aka hell week.

    You definitely didn't get much homework done during tech week.

    11. Feeling all excited to try on your costumes for the first time — and then realizing they were the fugliest things ever.


    Nothing pulled out of that costume closet was EVER cute.

    12. The thrill you felt when the director announced that a show was completely sold out.


    Even better was when you got a standing ovation at the end.

    13. And the inevitable disappointment of those Saturday matinees, where only the first three rows were full.


    *scattered applause*

    14. The opening night jitters as everyone got ready in the green room.

    Joebrandt / Getty Images

    50% giddy, 50% ready to throw up.

    15. Having to do all those silly warm-up activities like zip-zap-zop and massage circles.


    Also, that thing where you stood in a circle and squeezed hands.

    16. Going out for food with the cast after a show while still wearing your makeup.

    Pckane / Getty Images

    I'm sure those servers absolutely LOVED having 20+ loud teenagers show up with no reservation.

    17. The slightly cringeworthy cast parties where everyone rocked out to showtunes together.


    And like, there wasn't even alcohol involved most of the time.

    18. Dating a boy who would eventually come out as gay.


    You'll always have that time you made out backstage.

    19. Volunteering to help out with strike...but then not doing much of anything.


    Just hiding out with your friends in the green room and pretending to "organize" it.

    20. Hearing all sorts of rumors about what next year's musical would be.


    You HOPED it would be something cool, like Legally Blonde: The Musical. But more often than not, it was something like Oklahoma.

    21. And finally, feeling a strange, indescribable sadness whenever a show closed.

    Tucko019 / Getty Images

    Even if you hated the show, closing night was always a little gloomy.

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