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Taylor Swift Just Launched A Page Full Of Voting Resources On Instagram, And It's So Useful

"We need everyone. And it is more important than I can even possibly say."

Today is National Voter Registration Day, and Taylor Swift marked the occasion in the best way possible โ€” by putting together a list of critical voting resources for her fans.

Taylor Swift
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"Hey guys, it's National Voter Registration Day today. The election is Nov. 3," she said in a video posted to her Instagram story this afternoon. "It's really coming up."

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift / Via Instagram

Taylor then urged her 140 million Instagram followers to ~swipe up~ on her story, which would bring them to a special page created by Swift, full of helpful information for voters.

Taylor Swift's voting registration page
Taylor Swift / Via Instagram

"I've put together a swipe-up of resources. You can register, if you're a first-time voter. You can check your registration. You can request an absentee ballot. You can figure out the process of voting early."

Taylor Swift
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"We need everyone," she concluded. "And it is more important than I can even possibly say."

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift / Via Instagram

This is not the first time Taylor has used her platform to get young people to the polls. In 2018, after breaking her political silence in a viral Instagram post, she created a huge spike in voter registrations for There were 65,000 signups within the first 24 hours after her post โ€” that's more registrations than had in the entire month of August of that year.

"Thank god for Taylor Swft," a representative for said at the time.

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Here are the links Taylor sent out to her fans, in case you need them today. Please make sure you're registered and ready to vote!

Register to Vote [A quick form to fill out that gets you registered to vote.]

Early Voting Calendar [A simple guide to your state's rules on early voting.]

Request Your Ballot to Vote by Mail [A place where you can submit your request for a mail-in ballot, so you can vote safely from home.]

Check Your Registration Status [Think you might already be registered to vote but aren't sure? Find out here.]

And for more information and resources on becoming a voter, check out And Still I Vote.

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