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21 Interactions Between Strangers That Will Melt Your Cold, Dead Heart

The world's not all bad.

1. This lovely moment between strangers at Target:

2. This random act of kindness for a kid:

3. This conversation between a cab driver and passenger:

4. This funny moment between strangers on the beach...

5. ...and this one, too:

6. This neighborly interaction at the grocery store:

7. This unspoken act of kindness between strangers on a train:

8. This newfound group of friends...

9. ...and THIS new squad, too:

10. These neighbors working together to help true love bloom:

11. This cute moment between a sushi chef and customer:

12. The bond these two random commuters share:

13. This interaction between a baby and a dude on a plane:

14. This awesome moment between a cashier and a customer:

15. This sweet little interaction between a baby and a stranger on the bus:

16. This powerful moment shared between a makeup artist and her customers:

17. This funny movie theater exchange:

18. This harmless little prank:

19. This sweet family moment a stranger witnessed:

20. This emotional letter Charleston wrote to his new neighbors:

21. And finally, this heartwarming exchange between a proud dad and some Starbucks customers.

H/t to r/wholesomememes