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19 Pictures That Will Make You Rage If You Give A Fuck About Our Planet

This is an intervention.

1. Okay, fellow Earth inhabiters. We need to talk about plastic waste.

radioactivecowz2 / Via

2. Have you ever seen produce in a grocery store packaged up like this?

MysticOfTime / Via

3. Or this?

OrwellianZinn / Via


j_fisher85 / Via

5. The fact is, most produce has a perfectly adequate, natural packaging! It's called THE PEEL.

whats_a_potato / Via

6. And, sure, plastic packaging might make your life a little more convenient for a few minutes — but when you're done with it, it's prooooobably gonna spend a lifetime in an ocean.

ClamScience / Via

7. We. Don't. Need. To. Be. Doing. This.

mankers1989 / Via

8. It's completely unnecessary!

thewhitest420 / Via

9. Did you know there is a floating pile of garbage in the ocean that is twice the size of Texas? So like, let's maybe not shrink-wrap our fucking apples.

pagged / Via

10. And it's not just produce! We're pretty much plastic-wrapping everything these days. Like cans of tuna, which is completely unnecessary.

kirketkin / Via

11. And individual sugar cubes, which is just plain lazy.

CW_17 / Via

12. And...we're now doing this to cans of Coke??? For some reason???

Ui_Hirasawa / Via

13. Here's a big-ass plastic box of Tic Tacs filled with smaller plastic boxes of Tic Tacs, each containing just six (6!!!) mints. I'm tired.

Woody1992 / Via

14. These coffee pods are 100% compostable, which is great, but then they were wrapped in non-recyclable plastic, which makes me want to scream into the fucking abyss.

OrginalCanadian / Via

15. And y'all, it's not even just FOOD! Look at how this teeny little USB was packaged.

Nice_Sandwich / Via

16. These plastic straws came in a plastic bag and were each individually wrapped in — yep, you guessed it! — plastic.

fortkevin10 / Via

17. Have you ever bought a big package of toilet paper wrapped in plastic, only to open it and discover that each roll is wrapped in more plastic?

poker_van / Via

18. This anti-virus software doesn't even need a disk — but that didn't stop the company from wasting a whole bunch of plastic for no reason.

BirdNerdthe3rd / Via

19. And finally, I'm sure we've all been on the receiving end of one of these ridiculous packages. JUST SHIP IT IN A SMALLER BOX.

IChooseTheCruciform / Via

Remember, folks: You vote with your dollar. Stop buying plastic when ya really don't have to!