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We Absolutely Must Discuss This Incredible Instagram Snoop Dogg Posted About Martha Stewart's Prison Time

"Baby girl kept it 10 toes down."

You may have heard that rapper Tekashi 69 is currently on trial for racketeering, drug charges, and other crimes.

In order to reduce his sentence, he's been naming some other people he claims are involved in gangs — including Cardi B and Jim Jones. This was Cardi's response to Tekashi 69's allegations:

Well, Tekashi's decision to point fingers isn't sitting right with Snoop Dogg, who's been posting lots of "Tekashi is a snitch" memes on his Instagram page:

But there's one Snoop post in particular that we ABSOLUTELY MUST talk about today. As you're probably aware, Snoop has a close friendship with Martha Stewart.

And as you're ALSO probably aware, Martha served a little time behind bars in 2004 after lying about some stocks she sold.

So on Tuesday, Snoop posted this reminder to all of his followers — and frankly, holy fucking shit:

"I invite you all to remember Martha Stewart snitched on NOT ONE soul during her trial," the meme reads.

"Baby girl kept it 10 toes down and ate that prison sentence by herself, like the true baddie she is."

"That’s my. M. F. Home girl," he captioned the image. "Solid as a rocc."

The meme immediately blew up with over 1.1 million likes. Lots of people think it's pretty damn funny, including Busta Rhymes:

Although this is now going viral on Snoop's Instagram, the joke originally comes from a Facebook status written by Jocelyn Coney. Congrats on being Snoop-approved, Jocelyn.

"I graduated from Long Beach State, so when I saw Snoop Dogg quoted my status, I was like, 'One more time for the LBC!'" Jocelyn told BuzzFeed. "But in all seriousness, I’m glad he thought it was funny! I didn’t expect the status to blow up."

And that's pretty much that on that!


This post has been updated to include the original author of the meme.