18 Things That, Just FYI, Aren't As Cool As You Think They Are

    "Bragging about not reading."

    This week, a Reddit thread posted by user VictorJ45 asked the internet, "What’s something that people think makes them look cool, but actually has the opposite effect?"

    The thread quickly went viral, as thousands of people started sharing the things people do that they don't realize are actually pretty embarrassing.

    Here are some of the realest responses:

    1. "Posting photos of cash on social media. I always think it is funny how doing that is commonly accepted whereas if you screenshotted your bank account or net worth you'd be an asshole."

    2. "Bragging about not reading."


    3. "When people post their weed on Snapchat."


    4. "Never admitting when you're wrong."

    5. "Having a phone conversation on speaker in public, or blasting shitty music on public transport."


    6. "Kids bragging about their parents' wealth and success."


    7. "People who say things like, 'I'm just an asshole!' No. You lack the emotional maturity to deal with others and use nastiness as a defense. It's not cool as a trait. Try to be nice."

    8. "Hating all genres of music except the one they like. I learned this the hard way by only liking heavy metal and shitting on all other music without giving it a chance. Metal's still my favorite, but all genres have good music."


    9. "Shitting on things other people like. We all have stuff we don't like, but if you spend ALL your time putting down everything a person is interested in, you don't look cool or edgy. You look like a dick with no interests."

    10. "People who rev their cars/motorbikes really loudly, and it’s usually quite late at night while most people are trying to sleep."


    11. "Bragging about how much you can drink before passing out."


    12. "When you try to play it cool by not immediately answering the texts of someone you're interested in. Just makes you look uninterested."

    13. "Using your Zodiac sign as an excuse for any of your unlikeable behavior."


    14. "Grown women who use baby-talk to other adults in normal conversation. No, you are not cute or cool or whatever the hell you think you are."


    15. "Being the girl with male best friends who is 'not like other girls.'"

    16. "Flat brim hats with the sticker still on it."


    17. "Bragging about how little sleep you're getting, how many all-nighters you've pulled, how busy you are, etc. mostly in a school setting. You need to take care of yourself."


    And finally...

    18. "Bragging about how smart you are to other people."

    You can check out the full Reddit thread here.

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.