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Updated on Mar 3, 2019. Posted on Dec 10, 2017

24 People Who Would Be Assholes If They Weren't So Damn Smart

Hey, they're just doing what you asked them to.

1. This clever kid, who has a foolproof way to get an A.

2. This college student, who really likes Halloween.

3. This employee, who was sure not to double-stack the boxes.

4. This motorcyclist, who found the perfect place to park.

5. And this fisherman, who found the only acceptable place to fish.

6. This husband, who was more than happy to put the pillowcases on the pillows when his wife asked.

7. This woman, who did exactly what the sign asked of her.

8. This algebra student, who the teacher just had to sigh at.

9. This unicycle rider, who isn't violating any rules.

10. ...And THIS unicycle rider, who is 100% within the law.

11. This guy, who was just following the directions on the "Draw Bridge" sign.

12. This kid, who was more than happy to show his ~thinking~.

13. This guy, who tried to feed the deer as instructed.

14. This graphic designer, who was happy to make his friend a poster for free.

15. This kid, who's just following orders so he can go on the senior trip.

16. This person, who was sure not to open their box with a knife.

17. This guy, who knows how to follow the rules of the road.

18. This employee, who was sure to flip off the lights before heading out.

19. The driver of this green car, who found a parking spot reserved just for them.

20. This grocery shopper, who did exactly as they were told.

21. This tourist, who knows how to stay in his lane.

22. This test taker, who read the directions closely.

23. This homeowner, who was more than happy to oblige his neighbor's request.

24. And finally, this guy, who truly understands the meaning of a "drive-thru."

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