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    21 People Who REALLY Didn't Think Things Through

    *heaviest of sighs*

    1. Whoever decided to install a motion-activated hand sanitizer machine right above a light switch.

    BenCorn4 / Via

    2. Whoever was responsible for purchasing these front doors for the Sliding Door Company.

    Edog6804 / Via

    3. Whoever put this "accepting resumes" sign right in front of a garbage can.

    OldSoulSpeaks / Via

    4. Whoever placed this article about murder right above the photos from a pie-eating contest.

    GallowBoob / Via

    5. Whoever made this rather confusing cookie label.

    Vexced / Via

    6. Whoever decided to put these two signs together.

    thebob619 / Via

    7. Whoever made this maze.

    terchon / Via

    8. Whoever designed this cupholder that somehow cannot hold beverages.

    Ab_captain / Via

    9. Whoever came up with this logic.

    Seacroc / Via

    10. Whoever decided to wrap this National Geographic about the harmful effects of plastic.

    dumbomb / Via

    11. Whoever thought this yellow marbled toilet seat was a good idea.

    Taylorcluett / Via

    12. Whoever decided "Don't blend in" was a good slogan for a camouflage jacket.

    93rdBen / Via

    13. Whoever put this ad right in front of the garbage can.

    handofskadi / Via

    14. Whoever designed this "TWO" birthday cake topper without looking at it from behind.

    randyfloyd37 / Via

    15. Whoever made this sign. Poor Troy!

    macadamiamin / Via

    16. Whoever decided that stitching a black palm tree logo onto a pillow was a good idea.

    OhGodDammitPope / Via

    17. Whoever made this ice cream bar advertisement, apparently unaware of how people eat ice cream bars.

    deadrobotdog / Via

    18. Whoever designed this sign for a restaurant called Three Bells.

    kianrio / Via

    19. Whoever decided this was a reasonable place to install a TP dispenser.

    Billetmaster / Via

    20. Whoever thought making a vinegar bottle identical to a seltzer bottle was a good idea.

    coffeeposer / Via

    21. And finally, whoever designed this screwdriver packaging that can only be opened with a screwdriver.

    brozajm / Via

    H/T to /r/CrappyDesign