21 People Who REALLY Didn't Think Things Through

    *heaviest of sighs*

    1. Whoever decided to install a motion-activated hand sanitizer machine right above a light switch.

    2. Whoever was responsible for purchasing these front doors for the Sliding Door Company.

    3. Whoever put this "accepting resumes" sign right in front of a garbage can.

    4. Whoever placed this article about murder right above the photos from a pie-eating contest.

    5. Whoever made this rather confusing cookie label.

    6. Whoever decided to put these two signs together.

    7. Whoever made this maze.

    8. Whoever designed this cupholder that somehow cannot hold beverages.

    9. Whoever came up with this logic.

    10. Whoever decided to wrap this National Geographic about the harmful effects of plastic...in plastic.

    11. Whoever thought this yellow marbled toilet seat was a good idea.

    12. Whoever decided "Don't blend in" was a good slogan for a camouflage jacket.

    13. Whoever put this ad right in front of the garbage can.

    14. Whoever designed this "TWO" birthday cake topper without looking at it from behind.

    15. Whoever made this sign. Poor Troy!

    16. Whoever decided that stitching a black palm tree logo onto a pillow was a good idea.

    17. Whoever made this ice cream bar advertisement, apparently unaware of how people eat ice cream bars.

    18. Whoever designed this sign for a restaurant called Three Bells.

    19. Whoever decided this was a reasonable place to install a TP dispenser.

    20. Whoever thought making a vinegar bottle identical to a seltzer bottle was a good idea.

    21. And finally, whoever designed this screwdriver packaging that can only be opened with a screwdriver.

    H/T to /r/CrappyDesign