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    22 People Who Are Having A WAY Worse Holiday Season Than You Are

    'Tis the season things get shitty.

    1. This woman who tried to go get her tree from the attic.

    2. This person who thought they were getting a Benz for Christmas, but then...

    3. This woman who found a big-ass spider living in her tree.

    4. This kid who asked for a Nintendo Switch for Christmas and got this instead.

    5. This guy whose Christmas present just really, really sucked.

    6. This family whose fancy Christmas dinner was a little too heavy for the glass table.

    7. This dad who was setting up Christmas lights on his roof when THIS happened:

    8. This pet owner who thought it would be ~so cute~ to get their dog an advent calendar — until the dog found it.

    9. This person whose Christmas cookies came out looking like straight-up boobs.

    10. This poor mom who just wanted to make the house nice for Christmas.

    11. This family whose cat got in a fight with the tree — and won.

    12. And this family that had to make some real sacrifices in the tree department because of their own naughty cat.

    13. And this family that had to lock their tree inside a literal cage to keep the cat out.

    14. This woman whose Christmas gift was a travel mug with her initials "CMU" painted on it in a ~fancy way~.

    15. This guy who got glassware for Christmas while his brother got an Xbox.

    16. This town whose holiday decorations are accidentally kinda R-rated.

    17. This kid who got a hoverboard from Santa and then promptly ruined Christmas dinner.

    18. This girlfriend who asked for a three-karat ring for Christmas, and got a three-carrot one instead.

    19. This guy whose mom didn't look too closely before buying him a holiday sweater.

    20. This family whose Christmas tree probably broke a world record in shedding:

    21. These folks who tried to take a shortcut when getting rid of their tree — and now it's stuck there forever.

    22. And finally... Allison. Poor, poor Allison.

    Happy holidays, everyone!