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    People Are Sharing All The Petty Hills They Would Die On And It's Very Relatable

    "Pumpkin spice is disgusting."

    Here's a question for you: Do you hold a random and petty belief so strong, that you'd die on that hill no matter what?


    This week, Twitter user @Phunky_Brewster posed a challenge to the world: Share the absolute dumbest hill you would die on.

    Here is a beautiful hill. Quote tweet this with the pettiest argument that would make you gladly die on this hill.

    And the answers are both hilarious and very relatable.

    Some ~hot takes~ were delivered.

    People used the opportunity to blow off a little steam...

    ...and to advocate for the changes that they'd like to see in the world.

    Pop culture opinions were shared.

    Even some VERY INCORRECT ones.

    A few people dropped some knowledge about the English language.

    And while you're not gonna agree with *all* of the opinions shared...'ve got to respect people standing up for what they believe in!

    Okay. So what's a dumb hill that YOU are prepared to die on? Please air out your pettiest grievances in the comments. Thank you!


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