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    22 Online Shopping Fails That Will Make You Actually Laugh

    Zero stars all around.

    1. This woman's face mask was a bit smaller than expected.

    whoaaintitfun / Via

    2. This person ordered a big, woven blanket online, but when it showed up, it

    ruserious65433 / Via

    3. This guy wanted to buy a pillow with his face on it for his long-distance girlfriend, and...yikes.

    locky95 / Via

    4. This man ordered a patch online, but when it arrived, a rather important word had been changed.

    Chsrmsy / Via

    5. This woman wanted to buy a new chair for her bedroom, but probably should have checked the dimensions first.

    6. This mom bought a shirt for her teenage daughter, but now it belongs to the cat.

    beroemd / Via

    7. This person wanted to buy a funny Dr. Pepper shirt, but the shirt that showed up wasn't QUITE as funny.

    the_c_23 / Via

    8. This mom bought a dinosaur pillow online, and was not very pleased with what she received.

    aad51423 / Via

    9. This person ordered a cast-iron skillet without reading the description too closely.

    slothsome / Via

    10. This person splurged on a gigantic teddy bear — and ended up with a freakishly tall one instead.

    hypoid77 / Via

    11. This parent was none-too-impressed with the alien balloons she bought for her kid.

    insertanamehere / Via

    12. This woman's PJs weren't quite what she was imagining.

    abrahamlinc0ln / Via

    13. This woman bought a dustpan that ended up being bigger than she is.

    skeeterou / Via

    14. This bride wasn't too thrilled with the dress bought online.

    plasticoutcome / Via

    15. And this couple learned the hard way not to purchase rings on the internet.

    alwaysgreat / Via

    16. This woman wanted to buy her boyfriend a keychain that would remind him to drive safe — but the one that arrived had a slightly more aggressive message for him.

    stringoffate3 / Via

    17. This man ordered some heavy-duty boots online, and got, uh, these things.

    Tzl1337 / Via

    18. This guy wanted a tank top, but instead got something a little more formal.

    Kenfucius / Via

    19. This man bought a graphic tee online, but wasn't exactly impressed with the size of the graphic when it was delivered.

    orcgore / Via

    20. This person bought shoes online, and apparently should have specified that she didn't want two left ones.

    teddytalent / Via

    21. This dad bought a panda pillow online, but the thing that showed up was just a little disappointing

    lsmallsl / Via

    22. And finally, this woman's online bra shopping experience probably did not get 5 stars.

    Cyrodiil_Guard / Via

    H/t to r/expectationvsreality and r/crappydesign.