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Brands Keep Tweeting X-Rated Comments At Netflix And It's Shocking But Hysterical

A meme gone way too far.

If you've spent any time on Twitter lately, you're probably aware of the brand spankin' new meme where people challenge their followers to come up with their best dirty double entendres.

@starkrings the ending was disappointing

Well, Netflix decided to get in on the ~action~, and challenged other companies to name things that you can say 1) during sex and 2) while tweeting on behalf of your brand.

what’s something you can say during sex but also when you manage a brand twitter account?

And y'all...the brands have gone wild.

Ben & Jerry's wants you to lick it.

Arby's offered up their ~meat~.

@netflix Do you want more meat?

Wingstop wants the bone in.

Pepsi likes it in the booty, apparently.

@netflix We prefer it in the can.

Absolut had this solid advice for both vodka AND fuckin':

@netflix Slow down, you want it to last.

Instagram got right to the point.

Groupon wants to know if it was good for you.

@netflix How likely would you be to recommend us to a friend?

Wendy's is into group action.

Kettle Chips wants you to go elbow-deep.

Tazo tea had this helpful little hint.

@netflix Sometimes it helps to blow on it first

Animal Planet requested ~snake~ pics.

Universal Orlando offered to take you on a ride.

@netflix Prepare for the ride of a lifetime. 🎢🙃

Yelp wanted all the dirty details.

@netflix Please share your experience with the community.

Natural Light prefers to keep things natural.

Snickers would like to know if you came.

Petco offered up some of their finest toys.

@netflix We hope you enjoy these new toys!

Hot Pocket complimented your...hot pocket.

GiveBlood wants you to just relax.

The Sims gave a very Sims-appropriate answer.

And Kum & Go...well, they did not want to play.

@caroliiinejones @netflix not touching this one

Here's me reading all these horny AF responses from corporate accounts:

You can check out the full thread here, if yer nasty.