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21 Pictures That Are Way More Interesting Than They Have Any Right To Be

It's the little things in life.

In case you didn't know, there's a whole community on Reddit called r/MildlyInteresting, dedicated to pictures of stuff that make you go, "Whoa."

Of course, some of the pictures on r/MildlyInteresting end up being way more than mildly interesting. Here are some of the wildest, cleverest, and just plain coolest things people have discovered over the past year:

1. This user found the actual cliff from the Clif bar packaging:

2. This user bumped into a total stranger at a wedding who looked JUST like him — and was wearing the exact same outfit, too.

3. This woman ended up being the only person on her flight. When does that ever happen???

4. This person's backyard window looks like the four different seasons.

5. This user got an entire tank of gas for $2.61 because the gas station put their decimal in the wrong place.

6. This user has been creating a chain made of old Starburst wrappers for the past three years.

7. This oceanside cafe offers a free drink if you go pick up some trash from the beach.

8. This user found a big-ass sunflower.

9. This user realized that you can see a figure eight in between the diamonds on this card:

10. This restaurant puts all their one-star Yelp reviews onto t-shirts and has the employees wear them as a uniform.

11. This user put a plastic bag on their table and it took the exact shape of a cat.

12. This user was in an Uber and realized that their driver's hair was forming a "25."

13. This user was behind a moving truck and noticed that the paper towels and blankets looked just like Cookie Monster.

14. This user realized their Monopoly board had a PDF file name accidentally printed at the bottom.

15. This user found a worm crawling through doormat, and it looks like something straight out of an '80s arcade game.

16. This truck's shadow is saying, "Hi."

17. This public bathroom has some words of affirmation on the wall instead of a mirror.

18. This clever swing set design lets parents actually swing with their kids, instead of just pushing them.

19. This user was at a supermarket in Sweden and the carts had maps of the store on them.

20. This user's faucet started corroding, and now it looks like a map.

21. This parking lot extends its lines up onto the wall for easier parking.

It's the little things, y'all!