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This Woman Slid Into Michael B. Jordan's DMs And OMG It Actually Worked

You're officially out of excuses.

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Sylvia had heard that the actor was filming on her school's campus, and she started joking that she was going to DM him for a pic, because, well... 👀

But then, she decided to actually send a DM. So she reached out via Instagram and offered to buy him a smoothie. And y'all, it WORKED.

so I slid in his DM’s, and then this happened ✨


They set up a time to meet, and after a brief ~struggle~ with security, Michael came and got Sylvia and her friends.

Sylvia WIlson

Sylvia notes that she was "fangirling so bad" while they were exchanging messages.


Since tweeting out her pics yesterday, the post has amassed over 20K retweets and 100K likes. People respect a woman who's not afraid to shoot her shot!

@SylaRenee Getting a pic with a fave is now known as pulling a sylvia! I DONT MAKE THE RULES I ENDORSE THEM

People are now inspired to "pull a Sylvia" and hit SEND on that DM they've been drafting.

@SylaRenee you gave me so much hope lolol. I got one up my sleeve. Ima #pullasylvia. Officially G.O.A.T.

Some Twitter users are now asking Sylvia for lessons.

@SylaRenee Please tell me exactly what you said to him imma try it on my crush

Others couldn't *help* but notice how good the two look together.

@SylaRenee You look like who he need to be with...


@SylaRenee @haley_mad Ok if ya'll don't date in the next few months i'mma be mad

@SylaRenee @noahschapps YOU'RE BOTH SO GORGEOUS THIS IS UNREAL he was probably so nice too

One person even DMed Michael, to let him know the internet was "rootin for ya'll."

Learn it from Sylvia, people: Never be afraid to shoot your shot!

@SylaRenee *me, using this strategy on my fav*