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Michael B. Jordan Posted The Thirstiest Of Thirst Traps To Remind People To Vote, And I Am Sweating


Michael B. Jordan may have figured out how to actually get young people to vote: thirst traps.

Michael B. Jordan

Yesterday, Jordan posted a (surprisingly sexual!!!) photo of his bare chest on Twitter and Instagram, alongside the caption: "Vote Early ✅🗳."

I MEAN....

This is a man who knows 👏 his 👏 audience 👏.

Needless to say, people on Twitter are losing it.

@michaelb4jordan no way you actually hit tweet on this

Some of the responses have been...horny to say the least.

And many people in the replies are assuring Jordan that they will indeed vote — perhaps inspired by, um, chest.

@michaelb4jordan say less king I’m headed that way anyway

On Instagram, Jordan uploaded his thirst trap in a slideshow, alongside some valuable information for voters. He reminded his followers to complete the census (it actually matters!), to make sure they're registered to vote, and to request an absentee ballot if they can.

And he also provided an "early voting checklist" to help people in eligible states vote before Election Day on Nov. 3.

Anyway, you heard the man! Make sure you're registered to vote, and vote early (or vote by mail) if you can. You can learn more about your state's options for voting here.

For more information and resources on voting, check out And Still I Vote.