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    Lalaine Has A Very Dirty "Lizzie McGuire" Joke On Her Twitter And Nobody Seems To Notice


    ATTENTION ALL LIZZIE MCGUIRE FANS: I have some terrible, wonderful, horrifying, beautiful news for you.


    I was just stalking the cast of Lizzie McGuire on Twitter, because that's where my life is at these days, when I noticed something quite...SURPRISING on Lalaine's page.


    But first, let's make sure we're all up to speed: You remember Lalaine, right? She played Miranda, aka Lizzie's best friend.

    Disney / Via

    And you also remember the show's ICONIC theme song, I hope? It was a happy little tune that played while the cast goofed around with some kickballs.


    Okay, so the Lizzie McGuire theme song ends: "We'll get one step closer each and every day... And we'll figure it out on the way."


    WELL, my friends, prepare yourselves........for Lalaine's current Twitter bio:


    Our beloved Lalaine has turned Lizzie McGuire's wholesome theme song into a joke about digital penetration. And even though this is going to take me some time to process, I'm honestly at peace with it.


    Now, you might be wondering if that account is actually hers, since it's not technically ~verified~. But I'm PRETTY DAMN SURE it is indeed her account, because the actors who played Lizzie's mom, dad, and brother all follow it.

    Twitter: @thelalaine

    Also, Katie Maloney from Vanderpump Rules lol.

    In case you were wondering, here's what Lalaine's looking like these days.

    She looks pretty much the same, just a little bit older and with more jokes about fingering.

    Just thought you should know. Bye!

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