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    Kristen Bell Was Worried Disney Would Sue Her After She Told Her Kids "Frozen 2" Spoilers

    "It's very important that you don't tell anyone at school."

    Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel stopped by Sirius XM's Town Hall to talk about all things Frozen 2 on Wednesday. And in the interview, Kristen made a hilarious confession: She impulsively leaked spoilers about the movie to her kids, and then had to make some serious threats to keep them quiet.

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    "I told my kids everything," Kristen admitted. "I was in the mood to be a cool mom."

    But Kristen revealed her tried-and-true method to make sure her kids never share spoilers at school:

    I tell them all the time. I tell them two things. I say, number one, all your teeth are gonna fall out. Which is the best thing you can say to a kid.

    Kristen also explained that she told her kids these spoilers before realizing Disney could sue her for it.

    "I came home and I was like, 'Okay, here's what happens.' After I read the script I told them everything, and they were excited. And then it occurred to me that I was in breach of my contract."

    "And I'm thankful now that it's out, that I can no longer get sued by Disney. I said to [my kids], 'It's very important that you don't tell anyone at school.'"

    "It was a mistake," she concluded, adding: "The teeth thing I stand by,"

    You can listen to the full hilarious clip below:

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