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    KJ Apa Accidentally Posted A Bathtub Video To His Instagram Story That Was Intended For His Close Friends, And OMG

    I just think it's sweet he takes bubble baths, tbh.

    KJ Apa just learned the hard way that you should be REALLY careful when attempting to upload content to your "Close Friends" list on Instagram.

    Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic / Getty Images

    The Riverdale star accidentally uploaded a video to all 19 million of his followers yesterday, in which he can be seen taking a bath, up to his neck in bubbles...

    ‘Riverdale’ actor KJ Apa accidentally posts Instagram story that was meant for his close friends list. “That was for my close friends list. But I guess it’s too late now. Enjoy it while you can.”

    ...And he's also acting out what appears to be some sort of inside joke between his friends???

    @kjapa / Via Instagram: @kjapa

    "Hi, I'm KJ," he says in the clip. "I'm 14 years old. I'm 5'6", and I love acting. Please consider me for this role. I've worked so hard for this my whole life."

    @kjapa / Via Instagram: @kjapa

    Soon after posting, KJ must have realized his mistake, because he followed up with another post explaining that the video was not intended for public consumption.

    Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

    "That was for my close friends," he wrote. "But I guess it's too late now. Enjoy it while u can."

    @kjapa / Via Instagram: @kjapa

    Personally, I'm just charmed by the fact that KJ apparently takes bubble baths in his free time. Who knew? People on Twitter have jokes about the accidental upload:

    Lol @ KJ Apa saying “this was for my close friends only” on his insta stories when just a few weeks ago we saw him with a face full of paint licking a paint brush.

    Some were shocked to learn he even has a Close Friends list:

    And as several people pointed out, the video could've been way worse for KJ, since he was in the bath and all:

    @PopCrave not me thinking it was gonna be his. d!ck

    Well, let this be a lesson to us all: ALWAYS double-check before uploading to your Close Friends — especially if you have more followers than a small nation.


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