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    Kim Kardashian Delayed Giving Birth By Two Hours So She Could Get An Emergency Manicure

    "I really need a nice light pink nail for delivery."

    Kim Kardashian West joined her BFF Jonathan Cheban for an interview on his new podcast, Foodgod: OMFG. And in the course of the conversation, Kim made a surprising reveal about the day she gave birth to North West.

    Specifically, she admitted to delaying North's birth by two hours to get a manicure. The POWER.

    According to Kim, the day North was born started with chaos:

    I go, "I need a McGriddle at McDonalds." I told Jonathan, "Do you mind driving me to get a bikini wax?"

    And after she got her McGriddle and her wax, the paparazzi started following her. It was while she was trying to dodge the paps that she got an unexpected call from her doctor.

    “So we’re racing trying to ditch them and then at that moment I get the call saying, ‘Hey, you have preeclampsia, you have to deliver right now.’”

    Kim described the stress she felt in that moment, because Kanye was en route to Switzerland:

    He decided to go to Art Basel in Switzerland, and I said, "Tell our security just as soon as he lands, 'Kim’s in labor and just come straight to the hospital.'" I thought I was going to have the baby before he got there, but he made it there and everything.

    But Kim had an even bigger crisis to deal with: the color of her nails.

    “I went home and they were like, ‘You have to deliver today.’ And my nails were, like, dark. It was when I was still in my Lincoln Park After Dark phase of nails or like my burgundy nails."

    “And I was like, ‘Oh, no, no, I’m having a girl. I really need a nice light pink nail for delivery.’"

    So Kim decided to call her doctor with an unusual request:

    So I told the doctor, "Are you sure I have to deliver right now? Can you give me like two hours?" And he was like, "Fine, meet me in two hours."

    Two hours and one light pink manicure later, she headed to the hospital to deliver North. Wild!

    You can hear Kim tell the whole story herself here.