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    I'm Obsessed With Kate Beckinsale Thinking A Photo Of Steven Tyler Was A Photo Of Her

    "Legit thought that was me."

    You know Kate Beckinsale — actor in movies like Pearl Harbor and The Aviator, occasional model, and ex-girlfriend of Pete Davidson.

    And you know Steven Tyler — frontman of Aerosmith, hair icon, and ex-judge on American Idol.

    It should go without saying that Kate Beckinsale and Steven Tyler are NOT the same person. But yesterday, Kate saw a photo of Steven on Instagram...and thought it was a photo of her.

    It all started when the popular meme account @shitheadsteve shared the following on its page:

    And Kate hopped into the comments with a rather hilarious confession:

    "Legit thought that was me." LOL.

    I mean, I guess I kind of see it, now that she mentions it...???

    Strangely enough, this is not the first time Kate has confused herself with a famous man. Just a few months ago, she told Jimmy Fallon that she thinks she looks "exactly like" Ryan Reynolds.

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    "Like, sometimes I'll see a bus go by with a poster on it, and I'll be like, 'Damn, I look hot!'" she said. "'Oh wait, that's not me, that's Ryan Reynolds."

    OK, so does Kate actually look like either of these men, or does she just have no idea what her own face looks like? Please discuss in the comments, because I am very intrigued.

    H/T to @CommentsByCelebs.