iPhone Users Are Admitting To Hoarding Their Old Phone Boxes For Absolutely No Reason, And It's Too Real

    How many do you have right now?

    If you can't seem to part ways with those little cardboard boxes your iPhone comes in...you are not alone.

    People saying you shouldn’t keep your iPhone box and just throw it away. Me:

    Twitter: @corbinwilliams

    This phenomenon was just brought to the internet's attention by Twitter user @Bisserat, who posted the following message to iPhone devotees everywhere:

    I don’t know who needs to hear this but throw away that box your iPhone came in. You don’t need it. You will never need it.

    Twitter: @Bisserat

    The tweet went mega-viral and caused "iPhone box" to start trending on Twitter, as people quickly realized they weren't the only ones hanging onto those pesky little containers.

    LMAOO me keeping every iphone box i ever got including the box my watch came in😭 https://t.co/ZUAaDGKIZr

    Twitter: @teesosaaaa

    @Bisserat This is a personal attack and I wońt stand for it in year of our Lord 2021.

    Twitter: @TheBrianMichael

    😂😂😂 *glances over at the iPhone box sitting on my nightstand since summer of 2020* https://t.co/fcuMKlXU0g

    Twitter: @simplynikkita

    But, for many, throwing away an iPhone box is easier said than done.

    Twitter: @jwstephensen

    My new iPhone seeing my old iPhone box on my dresser every time I get an upgrade.

    Twitter: @nuffsaidny

    It just feels like you might need it someday!!!

    @Bisserat I keep thinking I could repurpose them to store other stuff, so I keep saving them. I’m stuck in an infinite Marie Kondo. (Infinite Marie Kondo would be a great band name.)

    Twitter: @david_a_zimmerm

    After all, they're so sleek, pretty, and sturdy.

    @jwstephensen @Bisserat The boxes are made more sturdy than the cords

    Twitter: @BernieUpstateNY

    Twitter users are now proudly showing off their collections of Apple boxes that they can't bring themselves to toss.

    People saying you shouldn’t keep your iPhone box and just throw it away. Me:

    Twitter: @nldoty
    Twitter: @mschuldt
    Twitter: @ShivamChatak

    Some people's collections date back to the original iPhone.

    Twitter: @IVVisgreat

    And many iPhone users are defending their hoarding habit, pointing out all the practical things you can do with that little white box. For example, it's a great place to stash your weed:

    iPhone box is trending for some reason. My time has finally come

    Twitter: @Tgarfield8

    They can be used in interior decorating:

    @Bisserat It's because of device boxes you can everything above my cabinets. Not a thing up there doesn't have a device box giving it an extra lift. 🤣🤣🤣

    Twitter: @GenaBMcCown

    More than a few users admitted to using them as...coffins for a pet:

    @Bisserat Not necessarily true. I used my iPhone’s box as a coffin for my son’s hermit crab when we buried him in the yard. A fine resting place for a tiny crustacean.

    Twitter: @goganbunch


    Twitter: @_unfunny

    And you can also use them as gift boxes — although this Twitter user explained why that might not be the best idea:

    @Bisserat My grandma gave my 11 yr old niece a xmas gift inside an iPhone box pro-tip: 11 yr olds are much more excited at the prospect of unanticipated new iPhones than they are at the idea of an LED headlamp

    Twitter: @bkrafty89

    But hey, if you want an ACTUAL reason to keep that box around, it turns out you might need it if your phone is lost or stolen:

    If you lose or need to report your phone stolen your iPhone box has the IMEI number which identifies your specific device https://t.co/qQEEx6zD0r

    Twitter: @STYN3T

    And if you ever DO decide to say goodbye to your iPhone box collection, here's a friendly reminder that it can go in the recycling bin, not the trash:

    Fun fact: the iPhone box is fully recyclable. Don’t throw it away. Recycle it. ♻️ https://t.co/z62oVvid6X

    Twitter: @TheEhren

    How many iPhone boxes are you currently hanging onto right now? Fess up in the comments, please.