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    Updated on Feb 8, 2019. Posted on Jul 1, 2018

    "Queer Eye" Fans Are Sharing What The Fab Five Would Say To Them And It's Hilarious

    Can you believe?

    By now, I hope you've discovered the majestic television program that is Queer Eye on Netflix.


    In the show, a group of gay men known as the Fab Five help somebody make over their life in five key areas: fashion, grooming, design, food, and culture.


    And now, fans of the show are imagining what each member of the Fab Five would say to THEM if they were on the show. The results are pretty hilarious.

    If I was on Queer Eye: Bobby: have u ever hung up clothes ever Jonathan: weekly face masks aren’t a substitute for daily skincare Karamo: this is some record breaking low self esteem Antoni: ur veins are filled w coffee Tan: u can’t just wear the exact same black skirt every day

    It's a little too relatable:

    if i was on queer eye: bobby: u have ur mattress on the ground, u need me antoni: i get u eat for convenience but a granola bar w peanut butter, really? jvn: a bun for the 378th day in a row? karamo: tell me abt ur parents divorce tan: a nike tee isn’t a personality substitute

    As it turns out, we're all hot messes:

    if i was on queer eye bobby: is this hardwood or carpet in here i can’t see the floor tan: everything is black antoni: throwing noodles in a pot isn’t “italian cuisine” jonathan: GORG baby but why don’t you own a hairbrush karamo: *stares blankly at me then comes in for a hug*

    And we could all use the Fab Five in our lives:

    if I was on Queer Eye: Bobby: WHAT is this literal mountain beneath your bed? Tan: have you tried non-denim pants? Antoni: even these canned goods are expired? Karamo: if you took half a breath you might be able to meet a partner who's not your best friend Jonathan: EX FO LI ATE

    People are using this meme to share some of their worst, most embarrassing habits:

    If I Was On Queer Eye: Bobby: please clean your cat's litter box Antoni: stop eating easy mac you're 30 Tan: target is cool but maybe not literally your entire wardrobe Karamo: pay your therapist more she's got a lot of work here JVN: your hair is already great lets just hang out

    And imagining how the gang would get them to fix their damn lives.

    If I was on Queer Eye: Bobby- it’s not cool to display your 300+ DVDs as decoration Antoni- there are other condiments than A1 Jonathan- take care of your feet honey Tan- you’re allowed to buy new shoes sometimes Karamo- some people actually like you

    (Some folks apparently think they're beyond help.)

    If I was on Queer Eye: JVN: oh. Tan: oh. Bobby: oh no. Karamo: oh no no no. Antoni: avocado.

    Fab Five, we need you to fix us all.

    If I was on queer eye Tan: bra’s are not tops and no one needs 300 striped tees Antoni: have you ever..... eaten something that wasn’t junk food Bobby: art supplies are not Decor JVN: honey you really have to start brushing that hair Karamo: you’re a lost cause I can’t fix this

    Season 3 can't come soon enough!!!

    If I was on @QueerEye Bobby: did you decorate your house with stuffing on purpose JVN: OMG HONEY ur split ends have split ends Antonio: Beer is not a food group Tan: do you have anything other than spandex Karamo: you don’t have to become a dog lady

    By the way, here's MY version of this:

    If I was on Queer Eye: Bobby: Consider getting a shower curtain Tan: Maybe don't wear these pug socks to work anymore Antoni: Why is the only thing in your fridge a Brita Jonathan: Ok stop hugging me I need to cut your hair Karamo: You will not get out of this car until you cry

    What would the Fab Five say to YOU? Let me know in the comments!

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