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27 Hot Pictures Of The New Aladdin That Will Have You Rubbing Your Magic Lamp

He can show you the world.

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After a long search and much speculation, Disney has finally cast its Aladdin for their upcoming live-action remake: a relatively unknown actor by the name of Mena Massoud.

1. And all I can say is: Mena.....................hello.

2. Let's be honest — the cartoon Aladdin was already pretty hot. But this boy...

3. And his ~slightly thirsty~ Instagram...

4. Well, let's just say the boy could ride your magic carpet any day of the week.

7. Feel 100% free to watch him lift weights with his shirt off. I'll wait!

8. He was born in Egypt, raised in Canada, and now splits his time between Toronto and LA.

9. Mena Massoud is the perfect man.

10. And he kinda seems like he's Aladdin IRL.

Instagram: @menamassey

11. Unlike the cartoon Aladdin, the guy actually has nipples!!!

12. And he's definitely not afraid to show them on his Insta.

13. Mena has a dog, which I have named Abu.

(Or he has a friend with a dog, I dunno.)

15. He likes ice cream! Or at least his friends do! It's possible he hates ice cream!

Either way, I agree with him.

16. He's a cultured man who sometimes wears glasses and attends fancy art shows.

Instagram: @menamassey

17. The glasses are so good.

20. He models, because of course he does.

Instagram: @menamassey

23. He did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge three years ago. YOUR MAN IS SO CHARITABLE!!!

Also, when he speaks he really does sound like Aladdin.

24. These girls seem nice, but they need to BACK THE HELL OFF.

Instagram: @menamassey

Just kidding. I'm happy for them.

25. Oh, also, two years ago he bought a beet juice from someone VERY PROPHETIC:

26. Mena Massoud can show you the world.

Instagram: @menamassey

27. So go rub your magic lantern and make a damn wish.

Instagram: @menamassey

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