Oh Dear, The "Jersey Shore" Cast Is Not Very Happy About MTV Rebooting Their Show Without Them

    *sips Long Island iced tea*

    Pop your popcorn, kiddos, because there's a little ~drama~ going down on the Jersey Shore...

    You may have heard this week that MTV is doing a Southern-style Jersey Shore reboot called Floribama Shore.

    The party's hereee! MTV #FloribamaShore. New series premieres Nov 27 @ 10/9c!

    When the reboot was announced, some fans of the original Jersey Shore weren't too pleased.

    @FloribamaShore @TMZ Please don't tarnish the name and brand of the jersey shore.

    There have been rumors of a true Jersey Shore reunion for years, and this new Southern version of the show was not the reboot many fans were hoping for.

    @FloribamaShore We were expecting JERSEY shore and y’all are giving us this. The disrespect.

    And now, the original Jersey Shore cast is staging a mini-revolt on Twitter, and TBH it's kinda wild!!!

    It all started with this tweet from The Situation.

    You heard the People @MTV just bring back the Real #JerseyShore RT if u agree

    Which was then retweeted by every single member of the cast*.

    The Sitch also let fans know that he and his fellow Jersey Shore castmates were NOT consulted about this reboot. The nerve!!!

    Snooki, meanwhile, tweeted 🔥🔥🔥 back at someone who said the OG cast was too old for a reboot. It went viral.

    She also faved a whole bunch of tweets from angry fans, including these:

    @ItsTheSituation @MTV @DJPaulyD @SammiSweetheart @JENNIWOWW @VINNYGUADAGNINO @RealRonnieMagro seriously, no one wan… https://t.co/FMli9zz7Wz

    How I feel when I see @MTV promoting Floribama Shore with Jersey Shore quotes, like @snooki's "Party's Hereeee"....

    When I see their is going to be a #JerseyShore spin off with NONE of the OG cast and in Florida and not The Shore… https://t.co/iXcvawhEv6

    JWoww also chimed in, posting an article on her own website with the headline:

    And DJ Pauly D went on a faving spree of his own, liking all sorts of angry fan tweets about the reboot:

    Whatever this “new jersey shore” show is will NEVER be as good as the original. That’s all @snooki @DJPaulyD @VINNYGUADAGNINO

    “Spin-Off”? Nope. Rip-off? Yep. There’s only one #Jerseyshore @ItsTheSituation @snooki @DJPaulyD @JENNIWOWW https://t.co/T18LUIItHA

    Saying Floribama Shore is the new Jersey Shore is like asking for Fruit Loops and your mom bringing home Fruit Spin… https://t.co/buFaHgBR7i

    So, listen up MTV: The people have spoken, and they want a reboot with the original cast. And the cast wants it, too, so just make it happen!!!

    In the meantime, it's gonna be hard to get a tan with all this SHADE.