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These 13 Famous Women Were "Canceled" For Reasons That Are Actually Pretty Sexist

Megan Fox, Kathy Griffin, Janet Jackson, the Chicks, and more.

The New York Times documentary Framing Britney Spears has lots of us reexamining the ways that famous women have been treated by the media and the public at large.

Here are 13 women who were "canceled" for reasons that are, in retrospect, loaded with misogyny and sexism.

And since I know we all have different definitions of "canceled," in this context, I'm using it to describe a situation where a celebrity faced intense public backlash that caused them to retreat from the public eye and/or take a substantial hit to their career, even if they were eventually able to recover.

1. The Chicks

2. Janet Jackson

3. Kathy Griffin

4. Lindsay Lohan

5. Sinead O'Connor

6. Vanessa Williams

7. Amanda Bynes

8. Monica Lewinsky

9. Megan Fox

10. Kelly Marie Tran

11. Michelle Wolf

12. Rebecca Black

13. Winona Ryder

Which famous women do you think were canceled for sexist reasons? Share your own examples in the comments.