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    People Are Sharing The Stupidest Lies They've Ever Told And It's Relatable As Fuck

    We all do it.

    Lies. We all tell 'em!

    And sometimes, we find ourselves telling REALLLLLY DUMB lies, for no apparent reason! So comedian Eliza Skinner posed a question to her followers on Twitter:

    What’s the dumbest lie you’ve told?

    And the answers have been 1) hilarious and 2) a little *too* relatable. Like, why do we put ourselves in these dumbass situations?

    I told a Lyft driver I was a writer and when he pressed further I said I wrote “Sci fi Short stories.” He said “whoa, not much of a market for that. Where do you publish them?” “Magazines, mostly”. I felt like I was on fire the whole time.

    Sometimes you just need a cool story to tell at parties.

    @elizaskinner I used to tell people that I was the voice that whispered “zoom zoom” at the end of Mazda commercials.

    Other times, it's a strategic parenting move.

    @elizaskinner When she was little we told our daughter that the ice cream truck only plays music to let you know they're out of ice cream-- worked for years until she was at Siobhan's house and they busted me😂

    And sometimes, you'll say just about anything to save a little $$$.

    @elizaskinner I was buying an engagement ring for my now wife when the sales lady asked if I was a Christian. I had a feeling that a yes answer meant a better price. So I said yes. Then she wanted to know what church I went to and all sorts of specifics. 20 lies later, I got the deal.

    People have also started sharing the dumbass lies they told as a kid.

    @elizaskinner In 2nd grade I was so afraid I had a giant late fee for a library book that was months late I said I had a twin named Claret Chantal who had taken it out. ☹️ Needless to say they did not believe me.

    Cuz, let's be honest, pretty much every kid is a lying sociopath:

    @elizaskinner When I was in 3rd grade I thought having glasses was REALLY cool. I told my mom I was having trouble seeing. She set an appt with the optometrist and I purposefully said all of the wrong letters during the test.

    We thought we were SO slick back then.

    @elizaskinner When I was 7 I told everyone my name was really Karen.

    But in the end, you always ended up getting caught.

    @elizaskinner In Kindergarten I told my mom I had been chosen as the new school mascot. She believed me and after a few days went to ask the teacher about the practice schedule and my teacher, rightfully, looked at her like she was insane. I still don’t know why I did this.

    As for the dumbest lie *I've* ever told? Well, I once told the lady cutting my hair that I was studying marine biology in school. Unfortunately for me, she had a LOT of questions about dolphins. Oops.

    Okay, your turn: What's the dumbest lie you've ever told? Let us know in the comments!