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19 Cringeworthy Things People Have Actually Done In The Midst Of This Pandemic

Prepare to cringe.

1. This school blocked off the common area to encourage social distancing, but it backfired horribly:

2. This person tried to sanitize their money...by running it through the microwave:

3. This guy wore rubber gloves to the store to protect himself, but then took off the glove and put it in his mouth to check his phone:

4. And this person ate straight out of a bag of Doritos with their gloved hands:

5. This person said they were "laughing their ass off" about coronavirus panic — but quickly changed their tune:

6. This person thought they were making a brilliant political point, but it turns out they just don't understand what cities are:

7. This landlord tried to come up with a plan to encourage social distancing...but accidentally created a system where people are bound to bump into each other:

8. This YouTuber was just asking for trouble:

9. This protestor held up a (very inaccurate) sign saying "COVID-19 is a lie," but still put on a face mask for some reason.

10. This gamer apparently thought you could catch COVID-19 through Xbox:

11. Shoppers at this grocery store might be a little confused about what exactly causes COVID-19, because they bought out all the beer except for Corona:

12. And shoppers at this store bought out all the beans, except for the Corona beans:

13. These people on Tumblr didn't quite understand what doctors meant by "stay home":

14. This person wrote "Viruses don't exist" on their car, above a license plate that says "SCIENCE":

15. This person argued that coronavirus is one big Democratic hoax to stop Donald Trump from winning reelection:

16. This grocery store had some rather confusing signage:

17. This person apparently didn't understand the difference between a war and a pandemic:

18. This Facebook user really thought they made some sort of a point, but a commenter wasn't having it:

19. And finally, this store tried to encourage 6 feet of social distancing but actually totally blew it:

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An earlier version of this post contained an inaccurate photo. It has been removed.