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Updated on Jun 1, 2019. Posted on May 27, 2018

23 College Campuses That Are Truly Living In 3018

It's the little things.

1. This college dining hall has a system to let people know whether they're welcome to sit with you — green means come join me, and red means you'd rather be left alone.

alghost9 / Via

2. This college has a CVS vending machine on campus for whenever you need a few essentials.

CommandLionInterface / Via

3. And this college's library has a vending machine stocked with all the school supplies you could possibly need.

djahanbin / Via

4. This college's umbrellas have solar panels built into them so you can charge your devices outside.

frohat / Via

5. While this college campus somehow has OUTLETS built right into its TREES.

sematico / Via

6. This college has reusable water bottles, each printed with a map of every place you can fill it up on campus.

ivb107 / Via

7. The stairs on this college campus have a special rail so you can easily bring your bike up and down.

heathius1 / Via

8. This college passes out coasters that can detect whether your drink has been spiked, and every school should get these ASAP.

Akalade / Via

9. This school puts USB drives inside your ID lanyards, which feels very James Bond.

winden88 / Via

10. While this school takes it one step further and puts drives RIGHT INSIDE YOUR STUDENT ID.

goodatcounting123 / Via

11. This college dormitory has a separate recycling bin for pizza boxes — because let's be honest, that's all you're eating in college anyway.

Vandle_Valsher / Via

12. This college brings therapy dogs onto campus to help stressed out students during finals week.

Booty_Connoisseur / Via

13. While this college lets you play with an actual human baby to unwind.

Svinnik / Via

14. This college's printer rotates between each document, so you don't have to awkwardly rifle through another student's stuff to find your own.

p50cal / Via

15. This college's library has monitors that COLLAPSE INTO THE DESK so you can free up more space to work.

vapenewell / Via

16. The steps on this college campus count every calorie you burn by climbing them.

Dakotaequalsyes / Via

17. This college takes all the paper thrown into recycling bins and repurposes it into free notebooks for students.

UrBrotherJoe / Via

18. This college has a mobile Starbucks that can travel around the campus, so you're never too far from a caffeine fix.

nintendudel4f / Via

19. This college has skateboard racks outside the buildings, so you don't have to bring your board into class.

Harry_Hornets / Via

20. This college has bicycle repair stations scattered around campus for students to use.

Brie_Niche / Via

21. This college's market lets students vote up or down on new items. If an item gets 50+ votes, the store starts carrying it permanently!

PtChevMeister / Via

22. This college has computers with treadmills attached, so you can get a little exercise in while you study.

fallenKING / Via

23. And finally, this college mails you CONFETTI along with your acceptance letter.

princessfiiona / Via

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