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    Chris Hemsworth Almost Lost His "Thor" Gig To His Little Brother, Because Being The Middle Child Is The Worst

    The sibling rivalry is real.

    So you probably know who Chris Hemsworth is — and if you don't, I am very sorry for your loss.

    Chris has played many roles throughout his career. But he's probably most famous for playing Thor in approximately 10 billion Marvel films.

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    Nowadays, it's hard to imagine anyone else playing the hammer-swinging superhero/god/beefcake known as Thor.

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    But as Hemsworth describes in a new interview with W Magazine, he very nearly lost the role — to his younger brother, Liam.

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    "I came into the audition with Kenneth Branagh and thought I nailed it and then never heard anything back," Chris said of his first audition.

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    To Chris's surprise, producers ended up calling his baby bro instead. And Liam actually made it pretty far in the casting process before finally getting turned down:

    Months went by and then my brother, my little brother, Liam, was in Australia and sent a tape across and he got a call back, then another call back and then was down to the last kind of four or five people for it... None of those guys got it.

    So Chris decided to give it one last shot.

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    "My manager then called up and said, 'You know, [Liam]'s got an older brother. Can we bring him back in?'"

    Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

    And Hemsworth says his second audition went much better than the first — in part because he was determined to one-up Liam.

    I came in kind of with a little, I guess, motivation and maybe frustration that my little brother had gotten further than me. It's a little family, sibling rivalry sort of kicked up in me. Then it moved pretty quick from there. It was cool.

    Moral of the story: If you want to annoy your older brother, just try to steal away his multimillion-dollar superhero franchise. Easy!!!

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