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    A Mom Shamer Told Cardi B That Her Daughter "Doesn't Like" Her, And She Clapped Back In The Cutest Way Possible

    "Loud and wrong."

    Yesterday, Cardi B had a hilarious moment on Instagram Live when her daughter, Kulture, kept ignoring her because she wanted to play on her iPad.

    Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

    Cardi repeatedly called Kulture's name in an attempt to get her attention, but the toddler simply tuned her out, eyes glued to the screen. I'm sure many parents can relate!

    Kulture is so over Cardi and her antics😂😂😂

    Cardi then shared video of the moment on Twitter, noting that 30 minutes after her Instagram Live ended, Kulture suddenly wanted her mom to cuddle with her, because of course she did:

    And guess who made me get out the shower ,thirty minutes later after this live with soap on me just to tuck her in and cuddle her to sleep ? Yes Miss Kulture 😩😒

    Most people thought the whole thing was funny and sweet. But one troll tried to come for Cardi, tweeting that the video proved Kulture doesn't like her mom:

    Kulture don’t like her momma and that’s the funniest part 😂 every video she be ignoring tf outta all that screaming

    And Cardi, in classic Cardi fashion, was NOT here for the mom shaming.


    "Loud and wrong," she responded on Twitter, alongside a very cute video of Kulture giving her a kiss.

    Loud and wrong

    As far as clapbacks go, people are finding this one pretty damn cute:

    And people rushed to the comments to tell Cardi to ignore the haters:

    @iamcardib Them undercover fans love to keep up with you sis. They do and say whatever to get your attention.

    @iamcardib Im mind blown that he thought it was a good idea to type that... Cardi don't even feel like you need to prove of refute something THIS stupid... And everyone in the BX is rooting for you still!

    @iamcardib Cardi she has two followers why you interacting with her and not your fans

    At the end of the day, Cardi herself put it best:

    My name cardiB but the haters call me cardiovascular cause I live in they hearts ♥️

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