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Cardi B Had A ~Wardrobe Malfunction~ Onstage And Finished Her Show In A Hotel Bathrobe

Hotel bathrobe, but make it fashion.

Cardi B took the stage at Bonnaroo last night, and she looked absolutely stunning wearing this skintight rhinestone jumpsuit:

The only problem? Just 10 minutes into her set, the suit ripped wide open along the back.

Ever the professional, Cardi was UNDETERRED. She quickly ran backstage, and came out just a few moments later in...a big, fluffy bathrobe.

Which she wore for the rest of the show.

And needless to say...she rocked it!

People in the audience were very impressed.

i already had mad respect for @iamcardib, but somehow have even more?

This is what COMMITMENT looks like, people!!!

Cardi b’s jumpsuit ripped during her show at bonarooo so she finished the set in a robe she stole from the hotel ... an absolute icon

The before-and-after pictures are kinda hilarious.

our bathrobe queen @iamcardib before and after tearing a little bit of her outfit during her bonnaroo set

Some fans pointed out the sheer dedication it takes to perform in a thick, heavy bathrobe in Tennessee heat.

Poor Cardi B man. Her outfit ripped at the show and she had to wear this fluffy robe in 90 degree humid ass weather. She's real as fuck for finishing the set with a sweaty weave lmao

But no matter how hot she might have been, videos from the performance prove she didn't miss a beat.

cardi b in a robe at #bonnaroo is a mood.

Only a queen like Cardi can take a hotel bathrobe and make it absolute fashion. GOODBYE.