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    21 Pictures That Will Make You Say, "Who Asked For This?"

    A+ for execution, though.

    1. This person changed their car into a hippo, and holy shit.

    dreaming-md / Via

    2. This person painted fake blood across the back of their car — and promptly got pulled over for it.

    TomBaiRaise / Via

    3. This person apparently wants their shiny new car to look rusted and old.

    ValdemarSt / Via

    4. This person covered their Mercedes in velvet. Unclear what happens when it rains.

    comicbookbean / Via

    5. This guy customized his car...but into something a little TMI.

    Robster4911 / Via

    6. This driver must really, really like watermelon.

    Kyosaii / Via

    7. This person turned their Volkswagen into a Fishwagen.

    CoffeeMix54 / Via

    8. This person made their entire car chrome, and you might need sunglasses just to look at it.

    SST87 / Via

    9. This driver added the CREEPIEST POSSIBLE DECOR to the back of their hearse.

    readwell / Via

    10. This person converted their car into an upside-down truck, and it's kind of a mindfuck to look at.

    thebayallday / Via

    11. This motorcyclist converted their bike into a lobster.

    bitterbuffaloheart / Via

    12. This driver outfitted their Hummer with...wooden wagon wheels.

    ReaganAbe / Via

    13. Something tells me this person might be a fan of Spongebob.

    bowblow / Via

    14. This driver converted their rear wheel into Road Runner, which is actually kinda clever TBH.

    fuckyoumartinez / Via

    15. This person covered their entire car with real, fuzzy cow hide, and it's a lot to process.

    Sweet_Baby_Cheesus / Via

    16. This person converted their car into a soda cup from 1995.

    YuHuGTSV2 / Via

    17. This person covered their entire truck in astroturf, which is quite a look.

    cubican / Via

    18. This person turned their car into a pink, fuzzy cat, complete with whiskers and ears.

    _llamacus / Via

    19. This person converted their car interior to a grandmother's living room.

    my_philosophy24 / Via

    20. This driver gave their Nissan teeth.


    21. And finally, this driver turned their car into a shrine for their dogs, and I'm honestly 100% fine with it.

    TeighMart / Via

    H/t to r/ATBGE.

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