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22 Cakes That Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

Lit'rally me every time I try to bake.

1. Folks, here's a friendly reminder that cake decorating is hard.

2. Not everyone is cut out for it.

3. This cake is — allegedly — a hedgehog.

Why does it have human teeth???

4. Snow White looks like she's having a bad day.

5. Well, it was a noble effort.

6. Sometimes your Buzz Lightyear is just gonna look like Benjamin Franklin, and that's okay!!!

7. Someone put Thomas the Tank Engine out of his misery.

8. It seems pretty straightforward, but snowmen cakes are surprisingly hard.

9. Like, very hard.

10. Not even Olaf is safe.

11. Why is Miley's head so small??

12. The force is not with this cake.

13. I mean, maybe it tastes good???

14. This Ariel cake looks like she's seen some shit.

15. Actually, I take it back, the other Ariel was amazing.


17. Is... Cookie Monster bleeding out of the mouth??

18. Hopefully someone had the good sense to Hulk-smash this cake.

19. Y'know, let's just avoid superhero cakes in general.

20. If your kid wants a dragon cake, maybe just get it from the store.

21. Remember, fam: It always looks easier on Pinterest.

22. At least it's the thought that counts.