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23 Buildings That Aren't Fucking Fooling Anybody

RIP, Blockbuster.

1. This urgent care center sure looks like it used to be a certain ~hut~ that sells pizza.

LordBarvis / Via

2. Something tells me this restaurant used to be a gas station.

BusslerHustler / Via

3. This Dunkin' Donuts used to be a car wash β€” hence the indoor drive-thru.

delorean182 / Via

4. This Mexican restaurant used to be a Chinese restaurant β€” but instead of painting over the murals on the walls, they gave them a fun little update.

Bombaskos / Via

5. You're gonna think I'm making this one up, but I'm not: This NASA research center was built inside a former McDonald's. Look at it!

KrispyKayak / Via

6. This Walgreens in Chicago used to be a bank, and now they store their vitamins in the vault.

jhal2 / Via

7. This nightclub used to be a church.

cmdrxander / Via

8. And this McDonald's ALSO used to be a church.

9. Turns out churches can become lots of things β€” even gyms.

melonladyy / Via

10. This taco joint used to be a Blockbuster. Just look at the sign!

schonleben / Via

11. The Blockbuster sign lives on at lots of different businesses. Like this liquor store...


12. ...And this beauty shop...



Exambolor / Via

14. Anyway. This volleyball court used to be a swimming pool β€” just look at that "no diving" sign!

dangoodspeed / Via

15. This shoe shop used to be a grocery store β€” you can see the produce, deli, and bakery sections in the background.

camthehombre / Via

16. This bank was flipped into the biggest, grandest McDonald's you've ever seen.

KrispyKayak / Via

17. This liquor store used to be a Hollywood Video. The store might have failed, but the sign still worked!

willbearpig / Via

18. These folks got even more creative with the sign Hollywood Video left behind.

Boardwalk22 / Via

19. When this classic old movie theater moved out, Walgreens moved in.

Atario / Via

20. Before they were selling pad thai, they *might* have been selling fried chicken from Kentucky...

KrispyKayak / Via

21. This bookstore definitely used to be a Hollister. It's probably too dark in there to read a damn thing.

Bfloteacher / Via

22. This sandwich shop found a pretty clever way to recycle that Quizno's sign.

elshaggy / Via

23. And finally, this Taco Bell is inside a freaking HOUSE β€” and I'd very much like to move in.

manna_tee / Via

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