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    23 People Who Probably Should Have Done A Little Googling Before Hitting Send

    Some of these are pretty embarrassing, noah fence.

    1. This person who HOPEFULLY misspelled the word "cologne."


    2. This person who was SURE they wanted Fork Knife.

    gone11gone11 / Via

    3. This person who had a special birthday dinner planned.

    CEM2890 / Via

    4. This person who wants you to just say NO to sauce.

    locofortaco / Via

    5. This person who might want to turn the captions on when watching HGTV.

    aritsing / Via

    6. This person who seems to be looking for the phrase "no offense."

    lnp323 / Via

    7. This person who is hopefully selling an ottoman β€” not their grandmother's abdomen.

    BrycenWilliams / Via

    8. This person who came so very close to identifying Abraham Lincoln on a test.

    czarcasticjew / Via

    9. This person who had a very creative way of spelling "deja vu."

    Oktayey / Via

    10. This person who absolutely MUST learn how to spell "incense."

    Djensert / Via

    11. This person whose phone was presumably "confiscated."

    bbypancake / Via

    12. This person who should probably not become a doctor.

    natureterp / Via

    13. This person who tried to say that "looks can be deceiving."

    cyberdizzy / Via

    14. This mom, whose kids apparently remind her of a hole in a tire.

    Jlaf7290 / Via

    15. This person who just now learned the phrase "might as well."

    brenndog / Via

    16. This person who absolutely loved Bohemian Rhapsody β€” even if they don't quite know the name of it.

    Dun_Broke_Bad / Via

    17. This person who accidentally said "feel day" β€” and her friends had a field day.

    ZebraSteel / Via

    18. This person who could not quite remember the word "salmonella."

    moderatetimelow / Via

    19. This person whose milk is apparently very inspiring.

    @bumberhooten / Via

    20. This person who had a delicious interpretation of the phrase "beck and call."

    thumbsofdestiny / Via

    21. This person who meant to make a graduation cake for a valedictorian.

    retinex / Via

    22. This person who apparently thought the word "essay" was an acronym.

    TLagPro / Via

    23. And finally, there's this person, who should definitely learn how to spell "Shih Tzu."

    TrixieAaa / Via

    H/t to r/boneappletea

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