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Blue Ivy Carter Bidding $19,000 On A Piece Of Art Is Somehow The Most Relatable Thing I've Ever Seen

Friendly reminder that she is six.

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Blue attended the Wearable Art Gala in Los Angeles on Saturday night with her parents. She rocked a gold headdress and looked cooler than any of us could ever hope to be.

Oh, and during the event's live auction, the six-year-old bid $19,000 on a piece of art.

Blue Ivy out here bidding $19,000 for art. *cries in poorness*


According to Vanity Fair, the piece Blue was bidding on was an acrylic portrait of Sidney Poitier, and she ended up losing it to Tyler Perry. But she DID take home another piece of art for 10 grand. What a relatable childhood this kid has!!!

Anyway, the video of her bid is extremely adorable, so do yourself a favor and watch it. Here it is again:

Blue Ivy out here bidding $19,000 for art. *cries in poorness*