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    Posted on Oct 15, 2017

    Beyoncé Was Offered A Role In The "Beauty And The Beast" Remake But Turned It Down

    "It wasn't a big enough part."

    Okay, y'all. Remember earlier this year when Disney released a live-action version of Beauty and the Beast, starring Emma Watson?


    Well, guess who was almost cast in that movie???


    Yup. It turns out Beyoncé was actually offered a role in the film...

    Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

    ...As the feather duster, Plumette.


    The film's director, Bill Condon, dropped that little bombshell in an interview with Yahoo earlier this week.

    Mike Coppola / Getty Images

    "...It wasn’t a big enough part," he said, explaining why she turned it down. "She would have been a good feather duster.”

    Okay, so all of this is very interesting! But I have some questions.


    If there's even a chance Beyoncé will do your movie, would you really ask her to play, like, a Swiffer???


    Why not just give Beyoncé EVERY DAMN PART IN THE MOVIE? You can call it Beyoncé and the Beyoncé, for all I care. I'd watch the hell out of that!

    For what it's worth, Bill Condon previously directed Beyoncé in Dreamgirls, and is a huge fan of hers. I guess ya can't blame the guy for trying!

    And for anyone who's sad that Queen B didn't ultimately appear in the film, fear not: Rumor has it, she might play Nala in the upcoming Lion King remake.


    BTW: If you're curious, the role of Plumette ultimately went to Gugu Mbatha-Raw, and she was awesome.

    Valerie Macon / AFP / Getty Images

    How cool would it be to know that you and Beyoncé were up for the same role???

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