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Bella Hadid Just Protected A Female Paparazzo From Her Own Security Team

"Don't touch her!"

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This is Bella Hadid — model, fashion icon, and younger sister to supermodel Gigi Hadid.

@bellahadid / Instagram / Via

Yesterday, Bella was leaving the Michael Kors show at New York Fashion Week, when something rather ~unusual~ happened.

@bellahadid / Instagram / Via

When one of Bella's security guards got a little too rough with a female photographer, she came right to the woman's defense. TMZ has video of the altercation:

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TMZ / YouTube / Via

Anyway, the paparazzi haven't been ~particularly~ kind to Bella in the past. So, it's pretty respectable that she came to their defense when she saw unnecessary aggression from her own team.

@bellahadid / Instagram / Via

Let's all learn a lesson from Bella Hadid: Keep your hands to yourselves, people!!!

@bellahadid / Instagram / Via