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    People Are Sharing The Most Inappropriate Things They've Seen At Funerals And OMG It's A Lot

    "Everyone left my great-grandma’s funeral early to loot her house."

    Have you ever seen something truly WILD go down at a funeral? A fistfight? A tantrum? Maybe even a hookup?

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    Well, yesterday, a viral Reddit thread asked users, "What’s the most inappropriate thing you’ve witnessed at a funeral?"


    The responses were shocking, horrifying, and occasionally hilarious. Here are some of the best:

    1. "The funeral home put a random guy in my grandfather's casket, wearing his suit, glasses, and wedding band. They then admitted that they had misplaced my grandfather."



    2. "Someone tried to 'quietly' open a can while they were doing the closing prayer."


    3. "Well, I was conceived at a funeral, so probably that."


    4. "My own kids, boys ages 10 and 8, at their great-grandfather's wake. They got a chair and moved it to the casket and started making his mouth into a smiley face."


    5. "At my grandpa's funeral in 2006, a random drunk woman that no one in our family knew stumbled in and started singing show tunes, then cried until she was escorted out."


    6. "At an open casket wake, a friend of the deceased attempted to give her a drink of single malt whiskey. She ended up being forcibly removed as she wouldn't stop, and spilled a lot of the alcohol in the casket."


    7. "A marriage proposal to the recently widowed. She accepted."


    8. "Someone was chewing tobacco with a metal spit cup so you could hear when they spit."


    9. "At my grandma's funeral. There was a woman that had a really bad relationship with my grandma, but one of my aunts invited her to the funeral. She started receiving people as if she was a family member and tried to put herself at the center of everything."


    10. "My ex came back from her grandfather's funeral with family reunion pictures of herself, her siblings, and her parents... posing next to the open casket."


    11. "At my cousin's funeral, one of my relatives literally tried jumping in the casket with him. Really traumatizing experience I might add."


    12. "Everyone left my great-grandma’s funeral early to loot her house."

    13. "A couple was caught fooling around in the funeral home's casket showroom during the viewing."


    14. "My grandpa's phone went off in the middle of the eulogy and his ringtone was 'Stayin' Alive' by the BeeGees."


    15. "An estranged uncle drove past my grandmother's funeral playing 'Another One Bites the Dust.'"


    16. "At a cremation, someone's cellphone rang playing 'Girl on Fire.' Took a good 15 seconds to shut it off."


    17. "I was at my then-boyfriend's friend's funeral. Her aunt sat with me at the back and told me that she spontaneously lubricates at funerals. Scooched away reeeeaaalll quick."


    18. "The pastor took the opportunity to say that if we didn't start going to church we were all going to hell."


    And finally...

    19. "We had a snowball fight outside of my Pop Pop's funeral. Pop Pop would have approved. The non-family mourners seemed horrified."

    TL;DR: Behave yourselves at funerals, people!


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